How Zoladz Construction Designs New Homes

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What is Zoladz Construction

Zoladz Construction Company has paved the way for Western New Yorkers new homes for years. CEO Rich Menck met with the team last year to talk about their new program. This new home building company is offering custom homes, as well as general contracting services to their clients. This is Menck’s second time at Zoladz. He’s happy to be back. In fact, he says he’s more excited about being a landlord again than he is about building houses.

Menck believes that by providing custom services, Zoladz can meet a wider market. “We’re looking at areas where people who might not have wanted to build a house can get their chance,” he said. The company has been contracted by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs to renovate homes for disabled veterans. In January, Menck also opened a new veterans center in Westchester, NY. So, it’s part of a national effort to improve services for veterans in the armed forces.

Zoladz Construction is now focusing on the commercial construction industry in upstate New York. The company received a contract from the government to provide housing on military bases. This contract is to complete renovations of housing for veterans. For instance, Zoladz is also working on a new contract to refurbish older apartments and houses in New York. The company is currently starting contracts for projects in other states as well.

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What Sets Zoladz Construction Apart

Zoladz is a member of the New York State Contracting Board and is an active member of his community. The company has applied for and received two federal grants to help them through the past year. In addition, Zoladz has previously worked projects that have provided new housing developments for veterans in other states. So, Zoladz has used its construction experience to provide help to veterans in need.

Contractors for Zoladz are experts in new home construction and renovation. They have gained years of experience learning numerous skills. Some of these skills include painting, plumbing, carpentry, and electrical work. Zoladz hires the best contractors to ensure the quality of their homes are top notch. This has led to some of the most well-built homes in upstate New York.

Zoladz is one of the many companies in the country that works with the military. According to the Zoladz website, it works to serve the communities they work in. In addition, the company was selected as one of six companies that provides of property services. Zoladz has worked hard to meet the needs of their clients leading to such high ratings by the community.

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Benefits of New Home Construction

In conclusion, the company has been involved in constructing various commercial buildings, homes, farms, and other properties. Most of its projects are residential homes. Some of these have been completed within a few months. While others take more than a decade to complete. The company is also involved in constructing government buildings.

In addition to commercial jobs, Zoladz is also good at completing private projects. A few of the company’s residential clients are the homes of senior citizens, disabled veterans, single mothers, and widows. In these cases, the company seeks the assistance of certified engineers. Zoladz experience has set it apart making it the leader in new home renovation.