The Making of Waggoner Construction Company

The Beginning of Waggoner Construction

Waggoner Construction is a family owned and operated business in east Berlin, Pennsylvania. After getting tired of working for someone else, Richard Waggoner decided to pursue a career as an independent contractor. He wanted to build homes and work on construction projects independently instead of having to rely on an employer for his livelihood. He enjoyed working on big jobs such as replacing basement floors in homes and old churches. Because of his background in carpentry, Richard decided he wanted to build houses. He was not interested in getting into vinyl siding.

This family owned business started out by building single family homes in their local community. This was a good way to gain experience and gain the knowledge needed to build houses for larger clients. Waggoner quickly realized their was a large market for custom built homes. Building custom homes specifically designed to individual needs was in demand. The business leaders felt that they were qualified to build houses because of their experience in carpentry. In fact, he felt so good about it that he began to think that he might be able to quit his job and focus completely on his construction career. To learn more about construction, check out this article from Purdue University.

It was a tough decision because he loved his job. On the other hand, he knew that if he ever left the construction field that he would never be able to provide for his family. So, he decided to put his plans for retirement into action. Richard knew that he was too old for him to start a construction company of his own. Still, he wanted to provide for his wife and two children.

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Waggoner Construction in India

After establishing himself in the construction industry in Pennsylvania, Richard decided that he would like to expand his company out west. He hoped this would give him time to travel and explore the country. While at the same time allowing him time to pursue his dream of having his own construction business. He put up some simple homes on this land for his workers to live in. After retirement, he intended to retire to his home in California, where he could enjoy the warm whether.

Richard decided he wanted to expand his company into California where homes were in high demand. He wanted to bring his hard working tendencies to this market with great potential. At first, it took some time to adjust and get used to how things worked in California. But after some time, Richard began to figure it out and build great relationships with people in the community. Waggoner Construction began to take off and experienced much success.

After establishing his business in California, he left his son in charge and went back to Pennsylvania to help out a friend in need. It was difficult at first to establish his friends business. But with his knowledge in the industry he was eventually able to turn it around. Richard knew that he wanted to help people like the young man who worked there, so he decided to buy this place out of desperation. A few years later, he would buy the entire place out and make an incredible success out of it.

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Summary of Waggoner Construction

He started out his career as a worker, cutting wood and delivering supplies. It was hard work, but he was happy to do it. Eventually, he decided that he wanted more freedom and took charge of his own company. This time, he hired other men and women and made them employees. Soon, he had a crew which included experienced laborers, well-trained welders, and skilled laborers.

Now, Richard had a business that was creating jobs for other people and was living in paradise. After his retirement, he bought more land, put in more machines, and expanded Waggoner Farms even further. Now, he wanted to retire and enjoy being in his own garden again.