How Does Experience Affect A Construction Worker Salary?

Overview of Construction Worker Salary

The average salary for construction workers in New York has been on the rise for years. The industry remains one of the most stable, by the fact that jobs are still available in this economy. According to the US Bureau of Labor, the industry has the fourth largest job growth behind industrial and retail industries. The high demand for workers reflects that building a new structures adds value to the market. When work is added it leads to a direct increase in the net value.

Annual compensation for  construction workers is around the national average. This reported earning salary is much higher than the reported salary for all other workers. Construction workers in New York also have a much higher average salary than all other industries. This leads to increased competition to fill each job.

Other factors that affect the salaries include the location of the job. Workers in New York must to work on sites that are located in the heart of New York City. This means that the commute time for workers is less than that of other industries. The average construction worker salary is much higher in New York than in other states.

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How Experience Plays A Role

Most jobs are given on contract to contract basis where the actual amount paid is determined by the bidding process. There are also some positions that can be awarded to workers once they reach the completion stage. The total cash compensation of a worker depends on the terms of the agreement. Some contracts offer an increase in base salary if the worker shows improvement.

Some of the most common types of jobs are pipe fitters, electricians, and plumbers. As the name suggests, these jobs require the completion of specific jobs. Such as laying pipes, repairing water mains, and connecting them. Pipe fitters earn the highest salaries, as they are required to carry out larger jobs. These jobs include laying pipes over roads or in storm water drain networks. Electricians need to repair and install electrical units to that provide power. Plumbers uses a combination of manual and automatic tools to carry out their tasks.

All the professionals mentioned above are skilled tradesmen. They are paid based on the completion of their respective tasks. Other factors that determines salary is the experience level and location of the job. For example, a plumber who is working on a site in New York City will  earn more than one in up-state New York. Someone who has completed the field training but works in a manufacturing facility will not be able to expect the same salary.

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How To Gain Expereince

Experience is the most important aspect when determining a contruction worker salary. Most companies prefer those with at least two years of experience. This ensures that they have good experience and skills to complete their assigned work. Companies also prefer those who have taken formal training through colleges or vocational schools.

So one of the best ways to gain experience is to learn in college or trade school. Getting into a well known trade school can give you the credaibility needed to land a good job. Another great way is to get a job working under experienced tradesman. Working alongside somone who has years of experience will offer great learning opportunities. These are just some of the ways to gain construction experience to land the perfect job with a great salary.